The Voice of The Game
Visuals for branding campaign.
Social platforms are the first and most important touchpoint for a TPT consumer. Our graphics have to stand out amongst the sports clutter that already exists, while also staying consistent to TPT, especially as a new voice in the space. We aimed to create graphics that were both informative and visually impressive, while also allowing our very small team to turn around final assets as fast as news breaks.
Instagram Stories
When Instagram Stories launched we looked to capitalize on the potential of the exciting new format. We quickly created a variety of easy-to-use templates that allowed us to showcase our incredible content in a daily format. We were the first brand in our space to take advantage of IG stories with purposely built creative.  We later integrated brands for sponsorship opportunities and made it a part of our larger content distribution process.
Cover design for large print project highlight some of our staff photography over the year(s). Cover photo by Walter Iooss Jr.
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